A new super PAC is on the scene, Rick Scott’s chief of staff has quit, Wisconsin Democrats are furious and a married couple will face each other this fall.

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* A new super PAC linked to a Karl Rove-founded group aims to target young voters. Crossroads Generation is a joint venture of American Crossroads, the College Republican National Committee, the Young Republican National Federation and the Republican State Leadership Committee. The PAC has $750,000 in startup money and will be run by Iowa’s Derek Flowers.

* Steven Rattner, who advised the Obama administration on the auto bailout, says the president’s latest attack ad is “unfair.” He told MSNBC of the ad, which attacks Mitt Romney for the bankruptcy of a steel mill bought by the candidate’s private equity firm, “Bain Capital’s responsibility was not to create 100,000 jobs or some other number. It was to create profits for its investors.”

* Florida Gov. Rick Scott’s chief of staff has resigned. Steve MacNamara faced an ethics complaint about whether he used office staff to inquire about a job in Montana, along with questions about contracts he awarded and staffing decisions in which he interfered. He will be replaced by Jacksonville consultant Adam Hollingsworth.

* President Obama used his commencement address at Barnard College today to reach out to female voters, invoking his daughters as inspiration in the fight over equal pay and health coverage. “We know we are better off when women are treated fairly and equally in every aspect of American life, whether it’s the salary you earn or the health decisions you make,” he said.


* A New York Assemblywoman will face her estranged husband in an election this fall. Mark Schimel will run as a Republican against Democrat Michelle Schimel, who represents the state’s 16th district. The two have been married for 32 years and have two children; they separated a year ago. Mr. Schimel insists his decision has nothing to do with their relationship.

* Harvard Law Professor Elizabeth Warren (D) said today that JP Morgan Chase CEO Jamie Dimon should resign from the board of the New York Federal Reserve in the wake of his bank’s disclosure of a $2 billion loss. She explained her reasoning to Ezra Klein here. The push is a sign that Warren has found her footing after weeks of reacting to Sen. Scott Brown (R-Mass.).

* Retiring Rep. Mike Ross (D-Ark.) will not run for governor of Arkansas in 2014, he announced today. He said in a statement that he would be headed to the electric reliability corporation Southwest Power Pool to work in government affairs instead.

* Wisconsin Democrats are upset with the Democratic National Committee for refusing to make a major investment in the state’s gubernatorial recall, the Plum Line reports. Gov. Scott Walker (R) has spent tens of millions of dollars; Wisconsin Democrats wanted $500,000 for their field operation in a race that will likely come down to turnout. Polls show a dead heat.

* Obama held a fundraiser with the LGBT Leadership Council and the Futuro Fund oday in New York City at the Rubin Museum of Art. Singer Ricky Martin introduced the president, saying, “We admire his courage, like the courage he showed last week in affirming his belief in marriage equality.” Later, Obama will attend another fundraiser at the home of Tony James, president of the private equity firm the Blackstone Group.


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