Barney Frank weighs in, environmental groups are going on the air in New Mexico, House Democrats are reserving more time and the Green Party has a candidate.

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* A coalition of environmental groups is going up with a $1 million ad buy in the New Mexico Senate race, according to a strategist with knowledge of the buy, just a day after the matchup between Rep. Martin Heinrich (D) and former congresswoman Heather Wilson (R) was set, . The nearly two-month ad buy benefits Heinrich and is from a coalition that includes the Defenders of Wildlife, the Sierra Club, the League of Conservation Voters, the National Wildlife Federation and the Natural Resources Defense Council.


* Rep. Barney Frank (D-Mass.), never one to mince words, tells the Hill that Democrats made a “big mistake” in pushing for a recall of Wisconsin Gov. Scott Walker (R). “I think the people on the Democratic side made a big mistake and the funding thing was a big deal,” he said. “My side picked a fight they shouldn’t have picked.” Of course, it’s not clear that national Democrats had any power to stop the recall.

* Authorities are investigating whether former Massachusetts governor Mitt Romney’s personal email was hacked, after an anonymous tipster claimed to have correctly guessed the candidate’s password. The campaign is not commenting.

* Former Florida governor Jeb Bush has endorsed Rep. Connie Mack in the state’s competitive GOP Senate primary. Bush is one of the most popular Republicans in the state and his support is another sign of party unity behind Mack despite some bumps in his campaign.

* The House Ethics Committee has cleared itself of wrongdoing in its investigation of Rep. Maxine Waters (D-Calif.) and will continue the probe. Waters’ lawyer had accused the committee of violating her right to due process.


* Utah Gov. Gary Herbert (R) has endorsed Sen. Orrin Hatch (R) against his challenger in the June 26 primary, former state Sen. Dan Liljenquist. While he called the young challenger “a bright talent and my friend,” Herbert said “Hatch’s experience and seniority in the US Senate will be invaluable” for the future.

* The Democratic Congressional Campaign Committee is booking another $19 million in airtime in 24 competitive districts, for a total of $46 million in reserved time. The biggest buys are in Sacramento, Boston and Phoenix.

* Jill Stein has won the Green Party's presidential nomination, beating comedian Roseanne Barr. It won’t be her first race against Romney — she ran for governor of Massachusetts in 2002 and participated in several debates with the Republican candidate. Stein got 3.5 percent of the vote in that election.


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