Newt Gingrich needs help, someone is after Dick Armey, Peter Kinder is not going to any “pantless parties” and Jeff Flake has a primary challenger.

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* In Iowa today, former House Speaker Newt Gingrich said he needs all the help he can get, blaming the press for his difficulty raising money: “We are not spending any money at Ames, so I am going to get whatever votes I get.” He says voters are still enthusiastic: “The only thing the news media’s really affected is my fundraising.”

* Some “real Republicans” have started an anti-Dick Armey website — defending Sen. Orrin Hatch (R-Utah) against the FreedomWorks chairman and former House Majority Leader. Hatch’s campaign denies any involvement with or knowledge of the site. But campaign manager David Hansen told The Fix recently that they were ready to go after Armey and other critics: “We’re not going to sit back and take their crap without responding to it when they’re wrong.”

* Missouri Lt. Gov. Peter Kinder (R) — a likely gubernatorial candidate in 2012 — might want to talk to his spokesman. After a local alt-weekly posted a photo of Kinder with a bartender at a spot “famous for its ‘pantless parties,’ Kinder flack Jay Eastlick responded: “I really highly doubt the lieutenant governor is going to a bar where they don’t wear pants on a night when they don't wear pants. I saw the picture. I don’t know if it’s an old picture. I just can’t imagine he’d be drinking there.”

* Rep. Joe Walsh (R-Ill.) told constituents at a town hall yesterday that he would “privately and legally” fight a claim from his ex-wife that he owes more than $100,000 in child support. He said a Chicago Sun-Times article on the subject was “wildly inaccurate.”


* Nevada state treasurer Kate Marshall (D) has released her third ad in the Sept. 13th special election to replace now-Sen. Dean Heller (R-Nev.). The ad hits her Republican rival, former Nevada GOP chairman Mark Amodei, for supporting the budget proposed by Rep. Paul Ryan (R-Wis.).

* The AFL-CIO had declined to endorse four labor leaders — three Democrats and one Republican — in the New Jersey state legislature, a major dose of retribution for their votes on GOP-backed pension reform. Members of the building trades council walked out in protest. It’s a sign of how deep a rift among Democrats the controversial legislation has caused.

* Rep. Jeff Flake (R-Ariz.) has a wealthy primary challenger: Mesa developer Wil Cardon. But Flake has a great reputation with conservatives, especially now that he has backed away from his support for comprehensive immigration reform. Businessman Doug McKee is also in the race.

* Texas Gov. Rick Perry (R) is hosting “The Response” tomorrow, a day of fasting and prayer in a Houston football stadium. About 8,000 people have signed up to attend. The governor, who is expected to get in the presidential race, argues that America is in crisis and needs to ask for God’s help. No other candidate has held such an explicitly religious and high-profile event.


Okay, France. You win.

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