Gingrich doesn’t think he’ll win Iowa, Rick Santorum gets the Duggar family, Perry wants names and Paul is has a plan to win it all.

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* Almost exactly a month after telling ABC News “I’m going to be the nominee,” former House Speaker Newt Gingrich is telling reporters that “I don’t think I’m going to win.” Of course, he’s only talking about Iowa. If he did win the presidency, he said it’s “a duty, not a pleasure ... This is exciting, it’s interesting, it’s fascinating but it’s not at the center of my being.”

* A big endorsement, by volume if nothing else: Former Pennsylvania senator Rick Santorum has the backing of Jim Bob Duggar. The star of TLC’s “19 Kids and Counting” brought a dozen of his 19 children from Arkansas to Iowa to campaign with the candidate. Duggar supported caucus-winner Mike Huckabee in 2008.

* Even though the New Hampshire primary is still eight days away, Rep. Ron Paul (R-Texas) is already airing his closing argument in the state — a 60-second soft-focus spot called “Believe.” He polls a distant second to Romney in the Granite State.

* Texas Gov. Rick Perry (R) today refused to answer questions from Politico about a story in which some of his advisers anyonymously sniped about the campaign strategy. “You got a name? You got a name? You got a name?” Perry asked.


* Paul may not have much of a chance at winning the GOP nomination, but he won’t lose for lack of trying. His team has been building organization in caucus states under the same strategy President Obama used in 2008 — rack up delegates in smaller states with arcane rules. It could be enough to give the unconventional candidate clout at the convention.

* Santorum singled out black Americans as recipients of federal aid today, when asked about foreign influence on the economy. "I don't want to make black people's lives better by giving them somebody else's money; I want to give them the opportunity to go out and earn the money,” he told the mostly-white crowd.

* The Democratic National Committee is targeting Romney with the words of workers laid off by companies restructured by Bain Capital under the presidential candidate’s leadership.

* The Iowa caucuses are tomorrow! We will, of course, be liveblogging until it’s all over. In the meantime, here’s everything you need to know about how the caucus system works and everyone you should follow on Twitter.


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