Linda Lingle says her campaign isn’t about Obama, Herman Cain says he’s got a plan for tonight, Daley is leaving the White House, and we’re having a debate!

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* In a radio interview today, Herman Cain previewed his debate strategy for tonight: Attack former Massachusetts governor Mitt Romney. "I'm going after Romney," said the former Godfather’s Pizza CEO. “I have a very penetrating question for him.” Cain also joked about his prominent seat in tonight’s Washington Post/Bloomberg News forum, saying “I’m moving up from the back of the bus.”

* Democratic pollster Stan Greenberg argues that voting against Obama’s jobs bill is a bad idea for Senate Democrats in red states. “Voting ‘No’ would increase their risk of losing,” Greenberg told the Plum Line. “Why would you send Democrats back to the Senate if they are divided on the most important issue facing people?” He predicted that the proposal would also become more popular once voters learned more about it. The bill is up for a cloture vote tonight.

* Former Rep. Mary Jo Kilroy is running again in Ohio’s 3rd district. The former congresswoman lost by 13 points to now-Rep. Steve Stivers (R-Ohio) in the 15th district last fall after a very narrow victory in 2008. Redistricting will give her a far more Democratic seat around Columbus, but she might face some primary competiton.

* Former astronaut Jose Hernandez is running in California’s new Democratic-leaning 10th district. The Central Valley native describes himself as a moderate Democrat. He’s never run for office before, but along with his farmer-to-spaceman story he has the support of the Democratic Congressional Campaign Committee and both Obamas. Assuming no other Democrat gets into the primary, Hernandez will face freshman Rep. Jeff Denham (R) next fall.


* Florida Gov. Rick Scott (R) has filed a petition in federal court to throw out a section of the Voting Rights Act that requires all changes to voting and election law in five Florida counties to be approved by the Department of Justice. The lawsuit alleges that the requirement, which came out of the civil rights movement, is antiquated and unconstitutional.

* White House Chief of Staff William Daley told the NBC Chicago television affiliate this week that he will leave his post after the November 2012 election whether or not President Obama wins. Daley joined the administration in the fall of 2010, when Rahm Emanuel left to run (successfully) for mayor of Chicago. Some officials say Daley, who came from JPMorgan Chase, isn’t very happy.

* A good recruit for Democrats in Oklahoma’s 2nd district — Rob Wallace, a former LeFlore County district attorney and assistant U.S. Attorney. Democrats are expected to have a very tough time holding this seat once Rep. Dan Boren (D) retires. Multiple Republicans have expressed interest.

* Wisconsin Assembly Speaker Jeff Fitzgerald (R) has officially thrown his hat into the Senate ring, saying his role in passing controversial collective bargaining legislation gives him an edge. He told reporters he was not intimidated by the prospect of facing former governor Tommy Thompson in the primary: “If I were, I wouldn't be in the race.”

* We have a debate tonight! Our own debate! Along with Bloomberg News, the Post is hosting a debate at Dartmouth College in New Hampshire. The main event is at 8 P.M., but come early for the pre-game show starting at 7 P.M. As usual, we’ll be liveblogging.


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