Rick Perry falls for a forwarded email, Ohio Democrats want to repeal the map, Herman Cain is doing more interviews and Oakland could shut down tomorrow.

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* Texas Gov. Rick Perry fell for a fake Occupy Wall Street story recently, passing off a quote from a satire printed in Toronto’s Globe & Mail as the words of an actual protester. He got the bad information from an email passed along by his son. But the presidential candidate did give himself some cover, saying when he passed along the anecdote that “I don’t know if it can be proved up or not.”

* Ohio Democrats are aiming to repeal the Republican-drawn congressional map by referendum. They launched a petition drive unde r the name “Ohioans for Fair Districts” today, hoping to get repeal on the ballot. The new map creates 12 Republican-leaning and 4 Democratic districts. But the GOP says they are close to a deal on a referendum-proof compromise with help from black Democrats.

* Former Republican House candidate Richard Iott, best known for being a Nazi impersonator, donated $2,400 to House Speaker John Boehner (R-Ohio). Iott also gave $1,000 to Ohio Senate candidate Josh Mandel (R), who is Jewish.

*  Prince William Board of County Supervisors chairman Corey Stewart, who has called George Allen a “mediocre” lawmaker who was “part of the problem” and would be “terrible” candidate, just endorsed the former senator in next year’s Virginia Senate race. Go figure?

* Ellen Carmichael, until recently the spokeswoman for Cain’s presidential campaign, has signed on as communications director for Rep. Raul Labrador (R-Idaho). Carmichael is a Louisiana native and graduate of Louisiana State Unviersity.


* Because he clearly needs to do more television interviews this week, former Godfather’s Pizza CEO Herman Cain will be on Fox News twice tonight — both Special Report with Bret Baier at 6:30 pm and The O’Reilly Factor at 8 pm. As we wrote this morning, Cain’s inability to stick to a story has only hurt him since the allegations of sexual harassment came to light. Cain’s wife Gloria is also in talks to do a Fox News interview on Friday. A lawyer for one of Cain’s accusers says the woman would like to speak but is barred a confidentiality agreement.

* Perry is going on the air in New Hampshire with the same ad he’s been running in Iowa. In the 30-second spot, the presidential candidate dismisses his shaky debate performances by saying he’s “a doer, not a talker.”

* At long last, the fourth installment of Robert Caro’s series of Lyndon Johnson biographies is coming. You have until May to read the first three volumes (a few thousand pages altogether). “Passage of Power” will focus on the years 1958-64, from Johnson’s vice-presidency to his early victories as president. The fifth and final volume will cover the Vietnam War and Johnson’s decision not to seek reelection.

* Occupy Wall Street demonstrators in Oakland are planning a general strike for tomorrow and possibly a shutdown of the city’s port, a week after a brutal police crackdown on the camping protesters. Meanwhile, the police union is criticizing embattled Mayor Jean Quann for beefing up police presence while giving other city workers leeway to strike.


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