Scott Brown says “Thank God” Elizabeth Warren kept her clothes on in college, Herman Cain says he wouldn’t be Perry’s VP, and Joe Biden says he sympathizes with the occupiers.

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* Maybe Harvard Law Professor Elizabeth Warren shouldn’t have joked in a debate Wednesday that, unlike Sen. Scott Brown (R-Mass.), she “kept my clothes on” in college. (Brown posed nude for Cosmopolitan magazine while in law school.) But Brown’s response on the radio this morning — “Thank God” he said of her decision to stay clothed — is a boon for Democrats, who have gone on the attack for the likely Senate nominee, saying Brown’s remarks belong “in a frat house.” Women’s groups have also admonished Brown.

* Former Godfather’s Pizza CEO Herman Cain says Rick Perry is the only presidential candidate for whom he would not serve as a running mate. “Quite frankly, based upon Governor Perry’s position on some issues, I would not be comfortable being his vice presidential nominee,” he told National Journal.

* At a Newseum event today, Vice President Joe Biden sympathized with the Occupy Wall Street movement and compared it to the tea party. “The middle class has been screwed,” he said. “There’s a lot in common with the tea party.”

* One New Jersey native is not happy with Gov. Chris Christie’s endorsement of former ambassador Ann Wagner in the Missouri Senate race — the mother of her primary rival, Ed Martin Jr. “Perhaps your staff was not made aware of the fact that Ed Martin Jr. is the other Republican candidate in that primary,” she wrote in a letter to the governor. “It certainly does not help when the respected governor of your home state lends his support to your challenger.”


* Rep. Shelley Berkley (D-Nev.) had her best quarter yet, raising $1.2 million. She has $3.2 million on hand for her campaign against Sen. Dean Heller (R). Heller has yet to relase his third quarter numbers.

* In an appearance on “The View” that was overshadowed by President Obama’s press conference, former Utah governor Jon Huntsman knocked former Alaska governor Sarah Palinfor dragging out her presidential decision. “There’s too much drama and theater in politics,” he said. “Everybody who has anything to do with politics knew she wasn’t going to get in the race.  She has a profit proposition, she’s got a business.”

* Republican officials are pressuring New Hampshire Secretary of State Bill Gardner to move the state’s primary late enough that Iowa can hold its caucuses in January and still be the first contest in the 2012 race. They’re threatening that New Hampshire could lose its favored early status if Gardner, unaffiliated with either party, doesn’t budge.

* Global Strategy Group, a major Democratic polling and communications firm, has hired Jonathan Brown for its West Coast office. Brown is coming from the California Democratic research firm Fairbank Maslin Maullin, Metz & as Vice President at Associates. Jen Psaki left her post as deputy White House communications director late last month to work at GSG.


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