The moment you’ve anxiously awaited has arrived. We’ve tallied the votes and found the winners of our Alabama/Mississippi (yes, we’re a little behind) and Illinois primary prediction contest winners.

The prize: an official Fix T-shirt.

Republican presidential candidate Rick Santorum gets a kiss from a supporter after speaking in Gettysburg on Illinois primary night, where Romney was the victor. (Patrick Smith/GETTY IMAGES)

In Alabama, here were the actual results:

* Rick Santorum:34.5%

* Newt Gingrich: 29.3%

* Mitt Romney: 29%

And Mississippi:

Santorum 32.8%

Gingrich 31.2%

Romney 30.6%

The winner of the contest was Danndallas, one of a few commenters to guess the order of finish correctly in both races while guessing 10 points off of the actual results. (Many of you overestimated Romney’s appeal in the deep South).

For Illinois, we asked you to predict the finish of the top two candidates, along with their vote shares, with turnout as a tie-breaker.

The actual results:

Romney: 46.7%

Santorum: 35%

The winner is StillRm, who was a mere 0.3 percent away from the actual results.

Danndallas and StillRm: Please e-mail with your mailing address and preferred T-shirt size. Everyone else: Better luck in Louisiana this weekend!