Republicans are still winning the super PAC game. As of the end of April, American Crossroads has five times the cash of its Democratic counterpart, Priorities USA Action.

Crossroads’s fundraising has been declining, but the group has saved a solid pile of cash while its nonprofit sister arm spends.

Rove-backed group is storing its cash. (Tom Pennington/Getty Images)

But the GOP group co-founded by Karl Rove has raised $29.9 million so far this cycle and has spent only $5.2 million, leaving $25.5 million in the bank. Priorities has raised only $6.1 million so far this cycle, spent $5.8 million and has $4.7 million on hand.

A huge chunk of the Priorities’s April haul came from a single donor — a $1 million check from the National Air Traffic Controllers Association PAC. Texas billionaire Harold Simmons was the top Crossroads contributor, adding another $1 million to the group. He’s given $11 million to Crossroads altogether.

Crossroads raised $5 million in January and $3.4 million in February, but in recent months its fundraising has slowed significantly. In March the group raised only $1.2 million.

The Republican group’s sister arm Crossroads GPS, which does not have to disclose its donors or report as frequently, has been spending more freely. The group recently announced a $25 million ad buy. As of the end of March, Crossroads GPS had raised about $71 million.

Democrats have struggled to compete with the two groups, which are aiming to spend $240 million on this election.

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