The conservative group Americans for Prosperity is spending $6.1 million on swing state ads accusing the Obama administration of wasting billions and sending jobs overseas through green energy projects.

The ads will air in Colorado, Florida, Iowa, Michigan, Nevada, New Mexico, Ohio, and Virginia.

“Billions of taxpayer dollars spent on green energy went to jobs in foreign countries” like Mexico, Finland, and China, the narrator says, “while millions of Americans can’t find a job.”

AFP previously spent $6 million on an ad attacking the Obama administration’s support of the failed solar panel firm Solyndra. The group was founded by one of the billionaire Koch brothers and was an early backer of tea party groups.

Outside groups like AFP will play a major role in this election. American Crossroads, another Republican-backing super PAC, is also out with ads attacking Obama and other Democratic politicians.

Democrats also have outside group allies, although they have yet to attract the same funding. Priorities USA just spent $1 million on an ad airing in Colorado and Nevada tying Romney to oil companies.

“Yesterday, we released an ad stating that ‘Big Oil has pledged $200 million to help Mitt Romney,’” Priorities spokesman Bill Burton said. “Today, $6 million of that pledge was spent on television advertisements across the country.”

Update: Our Factchecker deemed this ad false, relying on since-debunked claims about the stimulus. “One can certainly raise questions about how stimulus funding was used and whether it was effective,” he wrote. “But there is no excuse for these kinds of ads, which take facts out of context or simply invent them.” Obama’s campaign counsel has asked television stations to consider pulling the spot.