Osama plotted to kill Obama; Romney returning to Illinois; behind the scenes at a freshman GOP fundraiser; and a new contraception controversy in Arizona.

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* Just when you thought the contraception issue wasn’t heated enough: the GOP-led Arizona state legislature is moving forward with a bill that would allow all organizations to refuse birth control coverage in their employee health care plans. Women who wanted to receive birth control from organizations who opt out would have to prove it was for a medical reason rather than preventing pregnancy.

* Washington Post columnist David Ignatius reports that Osama bin Laden, before his death, had instructed his followers to attack aircraft carrying President Obama and Gen. David Petraeus in order to kill them.

* Mitt Romney is going back to Illinois this weekend — a reflection of the tight race between him and Rick Santorum. Meanwhile, New Jersey Gov. Chris Christie (R) stumped for Romney in the state today, calling its primary “extraordinarily important.”

* CBS News takes you inside a GOP fundraising trip featuring a dozen Republican freshmen and National Republican Congressional Committee Chairman Pete Sessions in Key Largo, Fla. Video acquired by CBS shows the members hobnobbing with donors who paid thousands of dollars for the opportunity to attend. Nothing illegal or terribly surprising happens — at least if you know how these things work — but Democrats are set to use the video to argue that the freshmen who pledged to stop business-as-usual in Washington are buying into the old Washington ways.


* Santorum, who has struggled to keep up in the delegate race even as he has scored some big victories, might not even be able to count on a delegate haul from his home state of Pennsylvania.

* Rep. Jason Altmire’s (D-Pa.) campaign has released a poll showing him leading Rep. Mark Critz (D-Pa.) 55 percent to 31 percent in their primary matchup. The Anzalone Liszt poll shows Altmire winning 73 percent of the vote in the portions of their merged district that he currently represents.

* Sen. Roy Blunt (R-Mo.) isn’t backing a candidate in the GOP field to face Sen. Claire McCaskill (D-Mo.).

* Actor George Clooney and his father, former congressional candidate Nick Clooney, were arrested during a protest outside the Sudanese Embassy today.

* Former Jon Huntsman spokesman Tim Miller is joining the Republican National Committee communications team.


We’re guessing it stops being funny after a while.

With Chris Cillizza