Artur Davis moves towards the GOP, Tom Davis thinks Republicans could lose the House, and the State of the Union is tonight.

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* Former Rep. Artur Davis (D-Ala.) recommends in a National Review editorial that the GOP draft Jeb Bush into the presidential race, saying the former Florida governor “should measure his reluctance against the risks looming for his party and, potentially, his country” if Obama wins again. Even for Davis, who has made a career out of attacking his own party, this op-ed is pretty eyebrow-raising — perhaps a sign that he is ready to switch parties.

* Former National Republican Congressional Committee Chairman Tom Davis (R-Va.) wrote in The Hill today that Democrats have a chance at taking back the House. “For Democrats to take 25 seats, they will need a wave,” he writes, urging Republicans to cooperate with the president. “Continued polarization and obstruction could create such a wave.”

* Another candidate in the crowded Democratic primary for Michigan’s new 14th district — former state Rep. Mary Waters now wants the oddly-gerrymandered seat. The district already pits Reps. Hansen Clarke and Gary Peters against each other, and Southfield Mayor Brenda Lawrence is already in the race.

* With the Florida primary coming up former House Speaker Newt Gingrich, former Massachusetts governor Mitt Romney and former Sen. Rick Santorum will all attend the center-right Hispanic Leadership Network’s conference in Miami at the end of this week. Jeb Bush and former commerce secretary Carlos Gutierrez are co-chairing the event.


* The State of the Union is tonight! With Warren Buffett’s secretary in the guest box, expect a heavy focus on reform of the tax code so wealthy Americans pay more. Romney, who released his own 2011 tax return today, has already issued a “prebuttal.” We’ll be liveblogging; in the meantime here’s some classic State of the Union hits to keep you warm.

* Tea party-backed Iraq War veteran Jesse Kelly, who came close to defeating Rep. Gabrielle Giffords (D-Ariz.) in 2010, will run in the upcoming special election for the resigning congresswoman’s seat.

* The Republican National Committee is airing an ad in swing states and Washington, D.C. in advance of the State of the Union attacking President Obama. But Democrat media buyers say it’s a tiny $27,000 buy — meaning few people will actually see the spot on TV.

* Arizona Senate candidate Richard Carmona (D) is defending Romney’s Bain Capital work, saying some of the criticism is misguided. Carmona, who served as surgeon general in the Bush Administration, is facing frequent fire from primary rival Don Bivens for crossing the aisle.


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