U.S. Rep. Michele Bachmann (R-Minn.) called a question from Fox News “insulting.” (Charlie Riedel/AP)

“The question was offensive and Michele is a very credible candidate,” Stewart said.

At issue is Wallace’s questioning of Bachmann’s inconsistencies in her public statement over the past few years. “Are you a flake?” Wallace asked.

Controvery ensued as many people wondered about the appropriateness the question and whether Wallace would have asked it of a male candidate.

Wallace apologized for the question in a video posted on the Fox News website, saying he was trying to broach a common criticism of the lawmaker but handled it badly.

“[S]ince in the end it’s really all about the answers, and not about the questions, I messed up. I’m sorry. I didn’t mean any disrespect,” he said.

Reached on Monday Marty Ryan, executive producer of “Fox News Sunday”, said only that “what Chris said on the blog stands.”

Asked about the video response today, Bachmann was dismissive. “I think that it’s insulting to insinuate that a candidate for president is less than serious,” she told ABC News. (She is also appearing on Fox News’ “Hannity” tonight.)

Bachmann is facing increasing scrutiny as she vaults to the head of the 2012 pack — as shown by a Des Moines Register poll this weekend that placed only a point behind former Massachusetts governor Mitt Romney in Iowa.