Bob Kerrey vs. Karl Rove, John Edwards has a heart condition, Rick Perry does not have trouble distinguishing mannequins from people and Ed Rollins knows why Romney’s old rivals are coming around.

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* He hasn’t said whether he’s running for Senate in Nebraska again, but former Sen. Bob Kerrey (D) is already sparring with Karl Rove . The Rove-linked super PAC American Crossroads is airing ads attacking Kerrey for living in New York City; Kerrey responded in a letter to Rove inviting him to work out.

* John Edwards has a life-threatening heart condition and will undergo surgery next month, his doctor told a judge presiding over the former presidential candidate’s campaign finance case. Edwards’ trial on six felony and misdemeanor counts related to campaign finance violations has been delayed until at least March 26th.

* Texas Gov. Rick Perry’s challenge to his disqualification from the Virginia primary ballot has been rejected.  Former Utah governor Jon Huntsman, former House speaker Newt Gingrich and former senator Rick Santorum joined into the suit after stringent rules kept them off the ballot; only former Massachusetts governor Mitt Romney and Texas Rep. Ron Paul will appear.

* Quote-machine Ed Rollins, who worked for former Arkansas governor Mike Huckabee in 2008, explains why Romney’s old rivals are on his side now: “Huckabee is a good Christian. Forgiveness is part of his makeup,” he said. As for Sen. John McCain (R-Ariz.) and former New York City mayor Rudy Giuliani, they “see Romney as the potential winner and want to be on board. Or, both being haters, they might just hate Newt more!”

* Let the record show: Perry did not actually call on a mannequin at a campaign stop in South Carolina today. The L.A. Times says he did, but the video shows that he was joking.


* Businessman John Raese is running for Senate in West Virginia again, after losing to now-Sen. Joe Manchin in a 2010 special election by nine points. Raese can self-fund, and he plans to use the same line of attack in 2012: tying Manchin to President Obama. Democrats can point out that Raese flew from his home in Florida to West Virginia by private jet to make the announcement.

* Some Huntsman staffers wish the former Utah governor would just drop out already so they can find new jobs, reports BuzzFeed. Adding insult to injury, Huntsman’s campaign is being sued for $41,000 in unpaid rent on D.C. office space.

* A super PAC supporting Santorum is out with a new ad highlighting the former senator’s immigrant grandparents. “They fled tyranny, came to America to live their dreams. Instilling their grandson with the values of hard work, integrity and character,” the ad says.

* Former Rep. Gene Taylor (D-Miss.) will not try to win back the 4th district seat he held for 22 years. Taylor lost to political newcomer Steven Palazzo in the 2010 Republican wave, despite his conservative record.



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