Herman Cain’s campaign says it has raised $9 million in the last six weeks, setting him on a very strong fundraising pace that has yet to be matched in the GOP presidential race.

Cain, who caught fire in the campaign right as the third quarter came to a close and turned in a modest report (he raised $2.8 million in the last quarter) after that fundraising period, looks as though he may lead the pack in the fourth quarter. The embattled candidate is currently on pace for about $20 million raised, which would beat even the best quarterly totals turned in by Mitt Romney and Rick Perry.

“Mr. Cain’s vision to renew our country and create new jobs via his bold ‘9-9-9 Plan’ is resonating across America,” Mark Block, Cain’s chief of staff, said in a release. “Mr. Cain’s business experience and executive leadership is needed to put America back on the track to prosperity. Voters want to be part of the Cain Train so they are donating their time, talent and treasure to make sure Mr. Cain is our next president.”

In the release, Cain’s campaign seems to suggest that the outpouring of donations accelerated after allegations of sexual harassment in Cain’s past surfaced. The release notes that 25 percent of the $9 million was raised in the last ten days — after the story broke.

But the last 10 days also represents almost exactly 25 percent of the quarter so far, so it suggests his pace has actually stayed pretty constant amidst the controversy.

Nonetheless, Cain’s campaign is certainly trying to capi­tal­ize on the scandal by buying Google ads around keywords related to it. Google searches for “Herman Cain and harassment” or “Herman Cain and allegations” are topped with a paid advertisement by a campaign-sponsored site dubbed “Truth About Herman Cain — Get Past the Allegations and Lies.”

The site aggregates news from the campaign about Cain’s appearances and opposition research against Sharon Bialek, one of his accusers. In the right-hand rail is a button saying “Show your support”that leads to a contribution to Cain’s Iowa fund.

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