New Jersey Gov. Chris Christie’s office is shooting down a report that he is rethinking his decision not to join the GOP presidential race in 2012.

Bloomberg columnist Jonathan Alter tweeted early Wednesday afternoon that Christie had been “conducting focus groups in preparation for a possible run for president in 2012.”

Christie spokeswoman Maria Comella issued a flat denial, telling The Fix that the report is “absolutely not true.”

Alter has also backed off his original report, tweeting that a different source that he trusts and is very reliable told him that there were no focus groups and that nothing has changed.

Christie has said many times that there is no way he would run for president. But the questions persisted, leading him to suggest that the only thing that would stop them would be suicide.

He’s just the latest Republican who has declined to run see his name resurface in presidential discussions. Similar stories have been written in recent weeks about Sen. John Thune (R-S.D.) and Rep. Paul Ryan (R-Wis.).

Texas Gov. Rick Perry (R), of course, did rethink his decision not to run and is now in the race.

Talk has persisted about many of these candidates running because some in the GOP aren’t thrilled with the field, as it stands.