Every Friday we spend an hour chatting online with our readers. These chats are one of our favorites parts of every week as we get to mix it up with Fixistas in real time and, yes, occasionally stray from our political box into things like music, movies, television shows and professional wrestling.

Below are a few of our favorite moments from this Friday’s chat. Enjoy!


As I understand it, if Lugar loses on Tuesday, he can’t run as an independent, correct? If Lugar does lose, what kind of shot does Rep. Donnelly have against Mourdock?


Given the new poll in Indiana that has Lugar down 10, I think it’s more a question of “when” Lugar loses not “if”.

I am a bit skeptical that this is a repeat of Delaware in 2010. Mourdock is a conservative but he’s also a statewide elected official who has a much longer resume as a serious candidate than Christine O’Donnell.

If Lugar wins the primary, Democrats have no chance. if Mourdock wins, they have some chance. But I don’t think it’s a great chance.


Christie? Would he, like Rush Limbaugh, criticize Michele Obama for trying to get Americans to have more healthy diets? If Rubio is nominated, in order to get Hispanic votes, would he defend the fact that Cubans, alone among all Hispanic immigrants, can claim immunity immedaitely upon setting foot on U.S. soil? Personally, my money is on Michele Bachmann, who delivered a rousing endorsement of formerly-too-moderate Romney. Gingrich also made an endorsement, but it lacked some enthusiasm.


Well, we ranked them last week.

I think it’s Portman then Rubio. And, I know Jindal is getting a bit of a boomlet right now but I simply don’t see it. He supported Perry in the primaries. Politicians don’t forget that sort of thing.

Here’s our latest vice presidential rankings.


How is Adam Sandler supposed to be Andy Samberg’s dad? I don’t understand. Is this too much thinking about a Sandler film?


Don’t think too hard on it.

How are Sybil and Edith sisters in “Downton Abbey”? They look NOTHING alike.