Massachusetts Senate candidate Elizabeth Warren (D) is going on the air today in the Massachusetts Senate race with a one-minute biographical ad, an attempt to define the Harvard Law professor and former Obama administration adviser for voters before her opponents can.

It is the first broadcast ad in the race, where Warren will likely face Sen. Scott Brown (R) next November, although conservative super PAC Crossroads GPS went on the air with an ad attacking the Democratic candidate last week.

Like her campaign announcement video, the ad features a casual Warren speaking to the camera, interspered with pictures of her as a child, at her wedding and as a young mother.

“Before you hear a bunch ridiculous attack ads, I want to tell you who I am,” Warren says. “Like a lot of you, I came up the hard way,” she says, recounting how her father’s death impacted her family. “We all worked. My three brothers joined the military. I got married at 19, had two kids, worked my way through college, taught elementary school, then Iwent to law school.”

Warren goes on to talk about her work advocating for consumer protection, a more familiar story, saying, “I stood up to the big banks and their army of Washington lobbyists.”

Crossroads GPS spent $560,000 on an ad linking the candidate to “extreme-left” and “radical” Occupy Wall Street protesters. An aide told the Boston Globe that Warren’s buy was proportional to the Crossroads campaign.

After the Crossroads ad aired, Warren’s campaign put out an appeal to supporters asking for $5 contributions “to hit the airwaves with our own positive message about Elizabeth.” The first-time candidate has raised $3.1 million in her first fundraising quarter. Brown, who raised large amounts of money for his special election campaign in 2010, has over $10.5 million in cash on hand.