There are only 46 days until the Republican National Convention begins — and that means 46 days, at most, until Mitt Romney declares a veepstakes winner.

View Photo Gallery: There is nothing — literally, nothing — that the Fix loves more in politics than the speculation surrounding whom a presidential candidate will pick as his vice presidential running mate.

So we’re upping the ante on Washington’s favorite parlor game. Enter our pick’em pool below by telling us who you think Romney will select as his running mate and when you think he will make his announcement. If you guess correctly, you will win a signed copy of Chris Cillizza’s new book, “The Gospel According to the Fix.”

Need help making your best guess? Try out your strategies using our veepstakes tool, read up on when previous nominees have named their running mates, and see the Fix’s latest veepstakes Friday Line.

We will close out the submission form Monday at 12 noon eastern. Then, we wait.

A few guidelines:

1. The date selected will be judged in comparison to the date the Romney campaign itself makes the official announcement of the selection, regardless of whether it is reported somewhere in the days prior.

2. You can only enter once, and you cannot change your pick after it is entered.

So get to it!

NOTE: The contest is now closed. Thanks for entering. Stay tuned to The Fix for the winner and some of the responses.


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