Today we’re running through the final polls in the most important Super Tuesday states — Ohio, Oklahoma, Georgia and Tennessee.

While his campaign is struggling across the rest of the map, former House speaker Newt Gingrich has a very comfortable poll lead in one state — Georgia.

(Poll graphic courtesy of PostPolitics iPad app)

Not only is the state in Gingrich’s deep South comfort zone, Georgians elected him to the House for twenty years. In case any of them forgot, he has been campaigning heavily in the state, and his super PAC supporters have spent $775,000 there.

Gingrich is virtually guaranteed to come in first here; the only question is whether he will get over 50 percent in each district, which would give him the vast majority of the state’s delegates. Given that he’s unlikely to win any other states tonight, Gingrich needs as many of Georgia’s 76 delegates as he can get.

Former Massachusetts governor Mitt Romney’s super PAC allies have also spend heavily in Georgia, which helps explain his second place showing in polls. If he can keep Gingrich below 50 percent across the state, it will be a victory.

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