Congrats, or something.

How do you say “Your 15 minutes of fame is up” in Cuban?

That’s the question businessman Herman Cain may be asking after another week of bad press on the presidential campaign trail. (He wondered about the “Cuban” language at a Miami restaurant Wednesday.)

It began, as these things often do, innocently enough. Cain, who was in Wisconsin for some reason - the state’s Republican primary is not until April - sat down with the editorial board of the Milwaukee Journal Sentinel.

Asked whether he agreed with President Obama’s approach to Libya, Cain said, “Okay, Libya,” and then paused for 10 - yes, 10 - full seconds before he said another word. He sputtered out that he didn’t support Obama’s policy before stopping himself mid-sentence and declaring: “No, that’s a different one. I’ve got to go back, got all this stuff twirling around in my head.”

In that same Journal Sentinel interview, Cain seemed to suggest that he had asked Henry Kissinger to be his secretary of state, although later, he and his campaign insisted that he had been joking. That’s hilarious! Wait ...

Cain attributed his struggles in the interview to a lack of sleep and added that the delay in his answer on Libya was nothing more than a “pause to gather my thoughts.”

But the hits kept coming. Perhaps wary of another editorial board meltdown, Cain canceled a meeting with the influential New Hampshire Union Leader - a move that led that paper’s publisher to muse, “I don’t think the guy is going anywhere now anyway.”

Herman Cain, for turning a pregnant pause into a political debacle, you had the worst week in Washington. Congrats, or something.

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