The National Republican Congressional Committee has expanded on its initial set of ad reservations, with an additional $5.7 million in ad space in eight media markets spanning seven competitive districts.

The buys mean the committee has now reserved a total of $23.9 million in ad space in 24 media markets and 31 districts.

The reservations aren’t yet as extensive as ones made by the Democratic Congressional Campaign Committee, which has reserved twice as much — $46.1 million — in ad time in media markets covering 60 districts.

Below is a recap of the NRCC’s ad reservations, with the new ones in bold.

Most of the districts added to the initial buy are ones where the committee is playing defense. The committee has reserved time in media markets where Reps. Brian Bilbray (R-Calif.), Dan Benishek (R-Mich.), Jon Runyan (R-Pa.) and Mike Fitzpatrick (R-Pa.) are running, and added to their reservation in freshman Rep. Bill Johnson’s (R-Ohio) eastern Ohio district.

In addition, the NRCC is for the first time targeting Rep. John Barrow (D-Ga.), whose district became much more Republican thanks to a GOP-drafted redistricting map.

The rest of the new reservations come in the merged district of Reps. Leonard Boswell (D-Iowa) and Tom Latham (R-Iowa).

In total, the NRCC has split its early reservations between offense and defense, spending $6.9 million in media markets where they are clearly playing defense and $5.6 million where they are playing offense. But much of the total so far ($9.9 million) is in media markets with multiple districts, where it could use the money on either.

The DCCC’s reservations are much more on the offense, as they include 37 Republican incumbents, 11 Democratic incumbents, and 12 open seats. (Below are the DCCC’s reservations thus far.)

The DCCC’s more extensive early ad reservations come as the committee continues to outraise its GOP counterpart. It announced Tuesday that it raised $6.7 million to the NRCC’s $6 million in May and has raised about $10 million more this cycle.

Still, the NRCC has more cash on hand: $33.5 million to $27.5 million.