Remember the Iowa caucuses? Was that really less than a week ago?

Well, just in time for tomorrow’s New Hampshire primary, we’ve tabulated the results and come up with a winner in the highly-competitive Iowa caucuses prediction contest.

The official Fix t-shirt goes to “ColtsRock1832” who was off by a mere point in guessing that former Massachusetts governor Mitt Romney would take 24.6 percent, former Pennsylvania senator Rick Santorum 24.1 percent and Texas Rep. Ron Paul 22 percent. (The actual results: Romney 24.6 percent, Santorum 24.5 percent, Paul 21.4 percent.)

His turnout prediction of 129,000 was also pretty close to the 122,255, who voted last Tuesday too. If you are “ColtsRock1832” make sure to email with your mailing address and preferred t-shirt size.

We only have one t-shirt to give away (they’re in very high demand), but “brianfh” gets an honorable mention for getting both Santorum and Paul’s final totals exactly right. And “dem08” deserves kudos for calculating these results far before we did and coming to the same conclusion.

If you lost out, don’t despair — we’ll have another predictions contest running in less than 24 hours.