We asked Fixistas on Monday whether former Massachusetts governor Mitt Romney is underrated as a presidential candidate. (We made the argument that he is in our newspaper column here.)

Republican Presidential candidate Mitt Romney speaks during an event at NuVasive, a maker of devices intended to improve spinal care, in San Diego on March 26, 2012 in California. FREDERIC J. BROWN/AFP/Getty Images

* Nicholas Saint (via Quora): “A lot of what makes Romney seem so strong is how horribly weak the rest of the field is. It really is pretty amazing that he is as strong as he is, given his background. But that doesn’t mean he’s as strong a candidate as most Republicans wish they had right now.”

* ZeoS1 (via comments section): “There will always be ups, downs, and hiccups in any campaign. All Romney’s opponents have risen to the top and flamed out. Meanwhile, Romney has run a very steady methodical campaign that is clearly focused on obtaining the needed delegates. He and his staff have handled everything on an even keel and have never taken their eyes off the prize.”

* Nate Cohn (via Quora): “Romney may still win the Presidency, much like John Kerry eight years ago, who also possessed plausible routes to the Presidency despite profound limitations as a candidate. If he does so, it will be a powerful verdict on the President, not an embrace of the former Massachusetts Governor.

* Joshua Reece (Facebook): “I don’t think so. He’s summarily incapable of forging political bonds that are unfortunately necessary in order to govern, and he proved it in Massachusetts.”