In our newspaper column today, we argued that Mitt Romney is underrated as a presidential candidate.

U.S. Republican presidential candidate Mitt Romney addresses employees at the medical company NuVasive during a campaign stop in San Diego, California March 26, 2012. REUTERS/Mike Blake

* Romney is a Mormon in a party dominated by evangelicals.

* Romney represented a Northeastern state in a party still quite South-centric.

* Romney is a moderate (in tone, at least) in a party that wants red-meat conservatism.

* Romney’s signature achievement as governor of Massachusetts was to pass a health care law in a party that detests President Obama’s Affordable Care Act aka “Obamacare”.

Yes, Romney is the best known and best funded (by far) candidate of the 2012 race. And, yes, his Republican opponents are, well, not so good.

But, given those four hurdles, it is somewhat remarkable that Romney sits in the pole position of the Republican presidential primary race today.

Or is it? We want to hear from you: Do you think Romney is underrated? Why or why not?

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