Jon Huntsman wants a third party, the Edwards sex tape will be destroyed, Dianne Feinstein wants to go back to maxed out donors, and Personhood in Virginia is dead.

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* Even though he’s endorsed former Massachusetts governor Mitt Romney, ex-Utah governor Jon Huntsman doesn’t sound satisfied. “I think we’re going to have problems politically until we get some sort of third party movement or some voice out there that can put forth new ideas,” he said on MSNBC this morning. “We might not win, but we can certainly influence the debate.”

* A sex tape featuring former Democratic presidential candidate John Edwards and mistress Rielle Hunter will be destroyed, according to ABC News. A two-year legal dispute between Hunter and former Edwards’ aide Andrew Young has been settled.

* The state of Alaska has released the last of former governor Sarah Palin’s emails, covering her last ten months in office. Thursday’s release includes 17,736 records, or 34,820 pages — more than was released to a media frenzy in the summer of 2011.

* Sen. Dianne Feinstein (D-Calif.), whose campaign committee lost millions in an alleged embezzlement scheme, is asking the Federal Election Commission to let her raise money from donors who had previously contributed the maximum amount to her campaign.


* The GOP-controlled Virginia Senate has killed a “personhood” bill, voting 24-14 to send it back to committee. Legislation giving fertilized eggs the same rights as people have proved controversial even in conservative states. The Senate decision spared Gov. Bob McDonnell (R), a potential VP candidate, a tough decision.

* Sen. Claire McCaskill (D-Mo.) is out with her first campaign ad, which goes after the super PACs that have been attacking her. With no one opponent to target, McCaskill blames “special interests” who are “not from around here.” The Chamber of Commerce and the GOP-backing American Crossroads/its relative Crossroads GPS have been hitting her with hundreds of thousands of dollars in ads.

* Contraception coverage is becoming a major issue in the Massachusetts Senate race. Elizabeth Warren (D) is out with a new radio ad saying a new GOP-backed amendment “threatens women’s access to contraception, mammograms, even maternity care.” Sen. Scott Brown (R), who supports the amendment, is out with an own ad saying he’s protecting “basic American values of religious tolerance.”

* The anti-abortion Susan B. Anthony List has made a $150,000 radio buy in Michigan supporting former Pennsylvania senator Rick Santorum, with an ad that says Romney was unwilling to sign the group’s pledge and “for people who care about the right to life, Rick Santorum is the only candidate for president.”


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