Can’t wait for tonight’s Republican presidential debate? Neither can we. Here’s some reading material for tonight’s debate.

General Background:

• The Post’s Steve Mufson and Jia Lynn Yang reported recently that former Massachusetts governor Mitt Romney and Texas Gov. Rick Perry’s economic plans rely on fuzzy accounting from companies.

• The Fix analyzed the winners and losers in the 3rd fundraising quarter earlier this week. Texas Rep. Ron Paul was a winner; Rep. Michele Bachmann (Minn.), Newt Gingrich and Jon Huntsman were losers.

• Saturday Night Live actually did a funny recap of the last debate (really!) -

• Here’s a real recap:

And here’s some candidate-specific recommend reading.

Michele Bachmann

• Obama v. Bachmann cash raised -

• Romney v. Bachmann cash raised -

• Campaigning in New Hampshire -

• Staff departures and money problems -

• Pledges border fence with Mexico -

Newt Gingrich

• Obama v. Gingrich cash raised -

• Praising Cain, insults Romney and Perry -

• Gingrich favored death panels

• Barney Frank fires back at Gingrich:  -

Herman Cain

• Politifact explainer on the 9-9-9 plan-

• 9-9-9 gets bad reviews from conservatives-

• FactChecker on how 9-9-9 is misleading -

• Cain on electrified border fence -

• Cain’s know-nothing foreign policy -

Ron Paul

• What Paul needs to do tonight-

• His new economic plan -

• Economists on the Paul plan -

• Nevada is an important state for Paul -

• Paul as social conservative candidate -

Rick Perry:

• Obama v. Perry cash raised -

• Romney v. Perry cash raised -

• Perry energy plan -

• Perry calls 9-9-9 a tax increase -

• Perry’s wife says he was “brutalized” -

• Perry’s upcoming economic speech -

Mitt Romney

• Romney urged to boycott Nevada -

• Ex-Romney and Obama adviser on health plans -

• Romney trying to go gaffe-free -

• Romney’s Iowa problem (or solution) -

• Romney’s role in the Mormon church -

Rick Santorum

• Obama v. Santorum cash raised -

• Santorum on (lack of) debate prep -

• Santorum targets Romney, Perry, Cain -

• Santorum attacks Cain on gay marriage -

 Aaron Blake contributed to this report.