Romney hits Gingrich in Ohio, a bunch of Florida lawmakers are changing races, Americans for Prosperity is helping Scott Walker and Ron Paul has a plan.

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* Despite former Pennsylvania senator Rick Santorum’s three-state sweep Tuesday night, the latest ad from a super PAC supporting Mitt Romney attacks former House speaker Newt Gingrich. “Newt's tough talk sounds good, but Newt has tons of baggage. How will he ever beat Obama?” the narrator says. The ad is airing in Ohio, according to BuzzFeed.

* Democrat Patrick Murphy is following Rep. Allen West (R) to Florida’s new 18th district, avoiding a primary with Rep. Lois Frankel (D). Murphy labelled West a “coward” for moving to more Republican-friendly territory. Frankel will now face former state Rep. Adam Hasner in the 22nd.

* Powerful ten-term Florida Rep. John Mica (R) will reportedly challenge freshman Rep. Sandy Adams (R) in Florida’s new 7th district, another game of musical chairs sparked by the state’s new map. That leaves former Ruth’s Chris CEO Craig Miller (R) alone in running for Mica’s current seat, which is the 6th district on the new map.

* White House spokesman Jay Carney gave Romney a “death hug” today, twice saying that the White House contraception coverage mandate is very similar to one the GOP presidential candidate supported as governor of Massachusetts. Romney shot back that Carney “needs to check his history,” saying he tried to remove the mandatory birth control coverage from his health-care plan. (More on that here.)


* Americans For Prosperity, a conservative group founded by billionaire libertarian David Koch, is putting at least $700,000 into ads supporting Wisconsin Gov. Scott Walker (R) as he faces a likely recall election. Meanwhile another Democrat is hoping to take on Walker: state Sen. Kathleen Vinhout joins former Dane County Executive Kathleen Falk in the primary.

* Texas Rep. Ron Paul (R), while pursuing a delegate-based campaign strategy, has so far only won nine. But campaign manager John Tate wrote in a memo this afternoon that he’s confident Paul will do well when the delegates are awarded out of Colorado and Minnesota. (Tuesday night’s results were non-binding.)

* Former presidential candidate John Edwards still owes taxpayers over $2.1 million in public matching funds, the AP reports. But his 2008 campaign is continuing to spend money and has enough cash to pay the debt.

* Ron Klein, a major bundler for the president, is de-registering as a lobbyist to comply with Obama campaign rules. The Washington Free Beacon noticed that Klein was registered as a lobbyist for Spirit Airlines while also raising money for Obama. Klein told NBC News that it was a “clerical error” and that he is not a lobbyist.


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