Romney doesn’t think a brokered convention can happen, his wife wants to strangle the press sometimes, Santorum thinks he’s a bully and Obama is fired.

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* Former Massachusetts governor Mitt Romney isn’t buying the brokered convention talk. “I don’t think there is any prospect of a brokered convention,” he said in an interview airing on Fox Business Network tonight. “I can’t imagine the four candidates saying after a long process of fundraising and campaigning for one to two years, that we are all going to step aside and give the nomination to someone else.” 

* Ann Romney told National Review that its “getting harder and harder to be cheerful” with the constant bad press her husband faces. ”I’m so mad at the press I could just strangle them!” she said (laughingly). The media “loves Barack Obama” and “don’t want anyone who has a chance at defeating him,” she said, adding that she might restrict access in response: “Some people just aren’t going to be invited on the bus.”

* Santorum regrets saying that President John F. Kennedy’s speech on the separation of church and state made him want to “throw up.” He told radio host Laura Ingraham today, “I wish I had that particular line back.”

* Romney is a “bully,” former Pennsylvania senator Rick Santorum said at a campaign event in Ohio today, for calling robocalls that encourage Democrats to vote in the Michigan primary “dirty tricks.” Pointing out that Romney benefited from the support of non-Republicans voters in New Hampshire, Santorum said, “He didn’t seem to complain about it then. That’s what bullies do — you hit them back and they whine.” Santorum did complain about crossover voting back in January, saying “I believe that states should only allow Republicans to vote in Republican primaries.”


* Sen. Marco Rubio is the latest Florida Republican leader to line up behind former state Rep. Adam Hasner, who dropped out of the state’s Senate race to run for the new 22nd district congressional seat. Rubio once called Hasner the “most partisan Republican in Tallahassee,” a quote the candidate has used frequently on the trail.

* A Houston-based super PAC with conservative ties called the Campaign for Primary Accountability is attacking Rep. Marcy Kaptur (D) in her primary against Rep. Dennis Kucinich (D). The group generally supports challengers over incumbents , both Democrats and Republicans. Why the PAC is for Kucinich over Kaptur is unclear.

* House Speaker John Boehner (R-Ohio) is attending a fundraiser Saturday for Rep. Vern Buchanan (R-Fla.), another sign that Republicans are standing by the National Republican Congressional Committee finance chair despite accusations that he broke campaign finance law.

* In a fiery speech to the United Auto Workers Conference today, President Obama said he “placed my bet on American workers” and that three years later that bet is paying off.” As for Republican claims that the auto bailout was payback for union supporters, Obama said, “Even by the standards of this town, that’s a load of you-know-what.”

* A new poll from the Democratic-leaning Public Policy Polling finds a close race for Gov. Scott Walker (R) should a recall campaign against him go forward. Milwaukee Mayor Tom Barrett leads Walker 49 percent to 46, former Dane County Executive Kathleen Falk leads Walker 48 percent to 47, and Walker leads former Rep. David Obey 47 percent to 45.


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