Mitt Romney’s campaign said Wednesday that it raised $11.5 million in the month of February, the campaign’s second-strongest fundraising month of the campaign to date.

Romney increased his fundraising significantly from January, when he pulled in just $6.5 million. His campaign didn’t say how much money he had left on hand at the end of last month.

With the contest dragging out into February, though, Romney's campaign and the top super PAC supporting him found themselves having spent down much of their big early financial advantage and in need of more money. With a three-week layoff in mid-February, Romney had a chance to return to the fundraising trail.

His $11.5 million haul ranks only behind his take from December (an exact figure for the month is not available, since candidates file quarterly the year before an election). For the entirety of the campaign, Romney has now raised $75 million.

Former Pennsylvania senator Rick Santorum’s campaign announced at the end of February that it had raised $9 million for the month — a significant uptick for a candidate whose campaign caught on in the early part of the month.

Newt Gingrich and Ron Paul have yet to announce their February fundraising totals.