Presumptive GOP presidential nominee Mitt Romney raised more than $40 million in April for his campaign and the Republican National Committee, his campaign said early Thursday.

The total — $40.1 million — comes in just shy of the $43.6 million President Obama’s campaign raised last month for itself and the Democratic National Committee.

Romney’s total is significantly higher than it had been in any previous month, in large part because his campaign didn’t begin collecting general election funds until it sewed up the GOP nomination (donors can give $2,500 or the primary and $2,500 more for the general). The campaign also began raising money through a joint fundraising committee with the RNC for the first time in April.

The fundraising total should serve notice that Romney’s campaign will be much more financially competitive with Obama’s from here on out.

“We are pleased with the strong support we have received from Americans across the country who are looking for new leadership in the White House,” said Romney Victory National Finance Chairman Spencer Zwick. “Along with the hard work of the Republican National Committee, we will continue to raise the funds necessary to defeat President Obama in November.”