In his Super Tuesday victory speech, former Massachusetts governor Mitt Romney praised his Republican rivals for their performances. “Thanks, guys,” he said. “Nice races.”

Um...awkward. Watch it for yourself (around the 2:05 mark):

That got us thinking about some of the most awkward moments over the years of Mitt Ronney, presidential candidate. The greatest hits are below. First, a caveat: Yes, Romney has made a cottage industry out of his awkwardness’s also somewhat endearing. (The Fix is sympathetic since “smooth” has never been a word used to describe us.)

* During the Michigan primary, Romney repeatedly expressed his love for his native state by saying “the trees are the right height.”

* At a town hall last August, interrupted by an questioner, a heated Romney responded, “You had your turn madam, let me have mine ... Let me complete. ... I’m sorry, it’s my turn.” Let me complete!

* While taking a photo at a New Hampshire diner in June of 2011, Romney for some reason pretended that one of the waitresses had grabbed his butt:

* Romney got into a heated exchange with an AP reporter during an event at a Staples in 2008, repeatedly telling Glenn Johnson to “listen to my words.”

* In 2008, Romney met with a bunch of high school students and haltingly recited the lyrics of the Baha Men song “Who Let the Dogs Out?

* In 2007, Romney explained that he was “never a big game hunter” but regularly hunted “small varmints, if you will.”

* In 2002, Romney faked a phone call from then-President George W. Bush:

* And way back in 1994, Romney met his socially awkward match, telling a local teen interviewer: “I like music of almost any kind, including this.”