Pennsylvania’s new 7th congressional district will henceforth be known as...

((Courtesy of Daniel McGlone))

The winner of our latest “Name that District” contest is Fix reader tmbjon, who came up with the above nickname for the tortured-looking district created for freshman Rep. Pat Meehan (R-Pa.).

Many of the entries suggested that the right half of the district looked as though it were kicking the left half, and many more suggested the right half of the district looked like Disney’s Goofy.

(Disney on Ice)

For his ability to tie it all together and keep the nickname focused on the Disney theme, we say: congratulations.

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Of course, tmbjon’s entry wasn’t the only one that could have won. Below are some others that caught our attention.

And be sure to check out our previous winners: “Praying Mantis,” “Beavis Eating Pizza,” and “Upside-down elephant.”

Honorable mention:

“Laughing girl with pigtails kicks nun” — aja32

“Popeye holding hands with Olive Oyl” — howlless

“Laughing girl kicking Energizer bunny” — JacksonEuler

“Kicking Snoopy in the gut” — doro2

“Goofy on a date” — aarhead

“Sitting deer kicks howling dog” — reneerice

“Goofy jumping on a hippo” — DavidZ1

Korean Peninsula and Japan” — dhg1

“Happy dog kicking Andy Capp’s butt” — johnparke

“Ben Franklin kicking New Jersey” — RayinPA

“Goofy dancing with a Transformer” — steveweissesquire