Earlier this week, we asked Fix readers to coin a nickname for the newly gerrymandered 3rd congressional district being proposed by Maryland Democrats as part of our ongoing “Name that District” contest.

And, despite lots of great entries, we think one stood head and shoulders about the rest: “The Praying Mantis.”

Our winner is Fix reader “pcbutterman,” who first submitted the name. If you are “pcbutterman,” please send your name, address and t-shirt size to chris (dot) cillizza (at) wpost.com to claim your official Fix t-shirt.

Unfortunately (for this contest, at least), the “Praying Mantis” district may not last as black politicians led by Rep. Donna Edwards (D-Md.) are fighting against the map.

But if the district looks anything like it does now when Maryland Democrats are done with it, it will heretofore be known as “The Praying Mantis!”

Thanks as always for your ideas and stay tuned for future “Name that District” competitions.


(Maryland Department of Planning)