They may not be common knowledge, but that are a number of districts on the congressional map that have their very own nicknames.

Every 10 years, states redraw their congressional lines, and often what result are some very oddly shaped districts drawn for political reasons. In recent decades, these so-called “gerrymandered” districts have come to be known by any number of derogatory noms de guerre, including the “ribbon of shame,” “earmuffs,” “bug splat”, “flat cat roadkill,” “rabbit on a skateboard,” and even simply “Z.”

Of course, the term “gerrymander” itself is a nickname for a salamander-like district drawn by then-Massachusetts governor Elbridge Gerry in the early 1800s.

With only a few states having finished drawing their new maps for the 2012, we here at The Fix are debuting a new feature in which we ask you, the reader, to take a district that practically begs for its own nickname, and give it one.

Take to the comment section below, and your suggestion for the district’s nickname may earn you a spot in electoral history! (Or, at least, some respect from redistricting nerds.)

To begin our contest, we present to you, the new 7th district of Illinois!

So what does it look like to you? Let us know in the comments...