In Illinois, lawmakers have drawn a new congressional district (at right, rotated 90 degrees) that bears a striking resemblence to the character Beavis (right) of MTV’s “Beavis and Butthead.” (AP Photo/MTV Films)

Congratulations to Fix reader Bondosan, who has won our inaugural“Name that district” contest!

Yesterday, we asked everyone to tell us what they thought the new 7th district of Illinois looked like. The response was overwhelming and, often, quite clever. Say whatever else you want about Fix readers; they are creative.

Bondosan, though, took the cake, with his suggestion that the new 7th district “looks like Beavis eating a slice of pizza (New York style, not Chicago deep dish).”

Henceforth, we christen Rep. Danny Davis’s (D-Ill.) new district the “Beavis eating pizza” district.

And congratulations to Bondosan, whose place in electoral history is all but cemented. Stay tuned for future “name that district” posts!

After the jump, check out some other top suggestions....

Honorable mention:

* Fishhook (voiceofreason714)

* Disney’s Goofy (coffeephilosopher)

* Cthulu (tlanepowers)

* Rod Blagojevich’s hair (luckypierre)

* Wile E. Coyote (MDURDLES)

* One-clawed lobster/crab (jeffb61111 and jbryant3)

* Italy in Chicago (acgary)