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Name that district winner: ‘Upside-down elephant’

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Earlier this week, we asked Fixistas for their help in picking a nickname for the newly gerrymandered 35th district of Texas, and boy did they deliver.

Like the first installment of our new “Name that district” series, many of the 140-plus suggestions this time were based on oddly shaped animals and abstract art.

In the end, though, one entry stood apart: “Upside-down elephant (spraying water).” At right, we have inverted the district for your viewing pleasure.

Congratulations to our winner, “jeff68”. And thanks to everyone for playing.

We hope to do our next contest in the coming weeks, and a great contest relies on great comments.

After the jump, some of those receiving honorable mention…

Honorable mention:

* Old-style key (byelin)

* Dachsund (CapsFan451)

* Rifle/smoking gun (rmutt92 and aaronbodor, respectively)

* Seahorse (LostinNM)

* Brontosaurus (VelvetUn)

* Flying dragon (tgraham2)

* Weed whacker (doctorwhodds)

* Giraffe (Jsneed)

* Kid flying a kite (atbf52)

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