In a new Spanish-language ad, former House speaker Newt Gingrich suggests — through Cuban-American speakers — that President Obama is headed down the same path as Fidel Castro.

“My parents came to America looking for freedom and opportunity, and now America is starting to look like the country my parents fled,” says a young man in the English version of the ad.

“With things like government-run health care, and taxing businesses out of business,” a young woman continues. “But Newt Gingrich wants to rebuild the America that we love.” The man returns to say, “My family knows what it is to lose the country they love. They won’t stand by and watch it happen to this one.”

The Miami Herald translated the Spanish version, in which some of the language appears to be a little harsher — “socialized medicine” is used intead of “government-run health care.”

Cuban Americans are likely helping fuel Mitt Romney’s lead going into the Jan. 31 Florida primary. The former Massachusetts governor has the support of the Cuban-American establishment, and he’s blanketed the airwaves with Spanish-language ads attacking Gingrich.

The only Cuban-American GOP House member in south Florida to endorse Gingrich is Rep. David Rivera, who is under a cloud of criminal investigations.

This ad is obviously an attempt to shift some Cuban-American votes with a little red meat.

On the campaign trail, Gingrich has claimed that Obama supports “European socialism” while he, Gingrich, will run an “American campaign.” Romney has been more measured in his criticism.