Former House speaker Newt Gingrich has released his contract with mortgage giant Freddie Mac.

You can read the entire contract, put out by Gingrich’s former consulting company, the Gingrich Group, below.

Gingrich reportedly had multiple contracts with the housing firm totaling at least $1.6 million, beginning in 1999 and lasting until September 2008. This contract is only for $25,000 per month with a $300,00 maximum and covers only 2006.

The document does not provide any details on the “consulting and related services” Gingrich provided. It does show that the Gingrich Group was working with Freddie Mac Public Policy Director Craig Thomas, a registered lobbyist.

The info dump comes less than two hours before a presidential debate in Tampa, Florida, and only a day after former Massachusetts governor Mitt Romney began pressuring his rival to release the documents.

Romney, hoping to deflect attention from his own unreleased tax returns, argued Monday that there could be an “October surprise” in Gingrich’s consulting history. (Romney has pledged to release his 2010 tax returns on Tuesday.)

Obviously, Gingrich wanted to take away a line of attack from Romney by getting these documents out in the open. A lawyer for Gingrich’s former consulting firm said earlier this month that he would bar the release.

Gingrich’s explanations of his relationship with Freddie Mac have been inconsistent with the accounts of former officials there. We’ll have an analysis of the actual contract soon. For now, you can read it yourself.