Newt Gingrich’s check bounces but he and Ron Paul are still in, everyone is endorsing Mitt Romney, Claire McCaskill had a good quarter and Tim Pawlenty is finally done.

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* Former House speaker Newt Gingrich might not be on the ballot for the June 26 Utah primary, because his check for the $500 filing fee bounced. If the fee isn’t paid by April 20, he will be disqualified.

* Everyone is endorsing Mitt Romney all of a sudden, for some reason. Minutes before former Pennsylvania senator Rick Santorum quit the presidential race, Iowa Gov. Terry Branstad backed the former Massachusetts governor. Florida Gov. Rick Scott endorsed the presumptive nominee a few minutes later, followed by Louisiana Gov. Bobby Jindal and Pennsylvania Sen. Pat Toomey later in the day.

* Secretary of State Hillary Clinton not only met with the founder of the “Texts From Hillary” Tumblr and told him she loves the site, which posts imaginary conversations between a cool-as-ice Clinton and various celebrities, she submitted her own picture, autographed with “Thanks for the many LOLZ.”

* Gingrich and Ron Paul are still in the race. “I am committed to staying in this race all the way to Tampa so that the conservative movement has a real choice,” Gingrich said in a statement. The splash page on his website now says “Last Conservative Standing.” Texas Rep. Paul also declared himself to be “the last – and real – conservative alternative to Mitt Romney,” in a statement from a spokesman.


* Sen. Claire McCaskill (D-Mo.) raised an impressive $2.3 million in the first quarter of 2012 and has nearly $6 million in the bank. That’s a significant uptick from last year as the vulnerable senator faces a high-dollar ad campaign from Crossroads GPS.

* Montana Attorney General Steve Bullock (D) has raised $105,203 for his gubernatorial campaign in the past month and has $521,485 on hand. Bullock is the presumptive Democratic nominee, while Republicans have a big and competitive field for the seat being vacated by Gov. Brian Schweitzer (D).

* Romney has started pushing back on Democrats’ “war on women” message, highlight lagging female job growth to argue that President Obama is bad for women. The Republican National Committee has been making a similar case; our Factchecker looked into it here.

* Former Minnesota governor Tim Pawlenty (R) has retired his presidential campaign debt and officially ended his campaign, a processs Santorum is just now beginning.


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