When you go to NewtGingrich.com right now, you might end up on the Washington Post.

The pro-Democratic super PAC American Bridge has bought the domain and programmed it to redirect to various Web sites, a clever attack on the former House speaker. The link might take you to Freddie Mac’s Web site, Tiffany’s, information about Greek cruises , or to the ad Gingrich cut with former House Speaker Nancy Pelosi in favor of addressing climate change. Sometimes the page goes to a Post article about his campaign’s June implosion.

American Bridge has now put NewtGingrich.com on Craigslist, jokingly offering to sell the site for somewhere between $10,000 and a million dollars to “someone with greater need than us.”

The only other candidate whose .com website remains unclaimed by the candidate is Texas Gov. Rick Perry‘s RickPerry.com. For a few months, that site redirected to the campaign website of Rep. Ron Paul (R-Texas); it now goes to a generic page.

As the Post reported recently, web domains are a new battleground in the 2012 campaign. Anonymous proxies often make it hard to determine which campaign is behind attack Web sites.