Some commenters came this close, says Nevada victor Mark Amodei. (Cathleen Allison/AP)

While many Fixistas were very close on Turner’s victory over Weprin, few predicted that Amodei would beat Marshall by a whopping 22 percent.

All told, the exact results were 57.9 percent for Amodei to 36.1 percent for Marshall in Nevada, and 53 percent for Turner to 46.5 percent for Weprin in New York.

The winner is after the jump.

The commenter who came closest to the results is “jfhsmith”, predicting 51.2 percent for Turner and 46.7 percent for Weprin, 57.9 percent for Amodei and 40.3 percent for Marshall. (“Jfhsmith” gets extra street cred for getting Amodei’s final total exactly right.)

If you are “jfhsmith” make sure to send an email to with a mailing address and a preferred size for your official Fix t-shirt

Commenter “rs12” was a heartbreaking .3 percent away from the victory — and not all the ballots in New York are actually counted yet (seriously New York, what gives?) So if the final total is closer to your prediction, “rs12”, feel free to petition for a t-shirt as well.

Thanks to everyone for playing, and if you didn’t win, stay tuned for the next prediction contest!