President Obama’s campaign isn’t going to let Mitt Romney or Americans forget the things he said during the Republican primary campaign — at least, not anytime soon.

The Obama campaign today debuts a new Web video compiling clips of the many things Romney has said on the campaign trail while appealing to conservatives for their votes, reinforcing Romney’s claim that he was a “severely conservative” governor of Massachusetts.

They include:

* His promise to repeal Obamacare

* His support for Rep. Paul Ryan’s (R-Wis.) budget and its provisions turning Medicare into a voucher program

* His comment that he likes “being able to fire people who provide services to me”

* His position that Roe v. Wade should be overturned and Planned Parenthood should be de-funded

* His support for “personhood”-style legislation that would define life as beginning at conception

The clip then closes with video of Romney saying, in a speech, that he “was a severely conservative governor.”

“Mitt Romney: A severely conservative nominee. Remember that,” flashes on the screen.

The video, which is not being run as a television ad, signifies the Obama campaign’s attempt at making Romney pay a price for the Republican nominating contest and the ideological positioning that is often involved in such primaries.

As candidates turn from the primary to the general election campaign, they will often moderate their positions or soften their rhetoric, and this is a particularly difficult dance for Romney, who has notably shifted to the right during the course of his political career and struggled to earn the trust of conservatives because of it.

Obama’s team is serving notice that they will be keeping a keen eye on that and reinforcing what Romney said when he tried to convince people that he was conservative.

Romney spokeswoman Andrea Saul responded to the ad, saying it was ”no surprise, with the worst job creation record in modern history and a platform of raising taxes, that President Obama would try to distract Americans from the real issues. Unemployment is up, incomes are down and gas prices are through the roof. Mitt Romney is running to get Americans back to work and the country back on track.”