Winning Our Future, a super PAC supporting Newt Gingrich, is out with an animated ad imagining a debate in which former Massachusetts governor Mitt Romney is eviscerated by President Obama.

Gingrich himself came out with an ad Tuesday highlighting his biggest applause lines on Monday.

The Winning the Future spot is slicker and meaner — and also more fun, because it’s a cartoon.

“Obama’s Dream Debate” imagines the incumbent tearing into Romney for abandoning his moderate positions on abortion, health care and gun rights. Romney never gets a word in edgewise. (The moderator kind of looks like George Stephanapolous, for what that’s worth.)

The former House speaker and his supporters have been capitalizing on Gingrich’s debate performance Monday, seeing a surge heading into Saturday’s South Carolina primary.

Winning Our Future’s ad buy in South Carolina is up to $3.8 million; this ad goes into rotation Thursday. It’s the first in a three-part series sketching an Obama/Romney head-to-head, the group says.

Romney, meanwhile, is doing his best to thwart any momentum Gingrich might have gotten out of his strong showing on Monday.

The Romney campaign put out a Web ad Wednesday declaring Gingrich an “unreliable leader” and held a conference call on the same point.

Romney and his supporters’ super PAC, Restore Our Future, have continued to focus their money on former Pennsylvania senator Rick Santorum. But that might be changing — a new CNN poll shows Gingrich closing the gap with Romney in the Palmetto State.