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President Obama and Mitt Romney are pulling ads off the air in Colorado in the wake of the tragic shooting in Aurora.

“We have asked affiliates to pull down our contrast advertising for the time being,” said Obama campaign spokeswoman Jen Psaki. “It takes time for stations to be able to do this, but we are making every effort.” The campaign later clarified that they are pulling all advertising, not just negative ads.

Romney is pulling all of his ads off the air in Colorado until further notice, his campaign said.

Priorities USA Action, a super PAC supporting Obama, is also taking its ads down. The group just launched a Spanish-language ad campaign in the state attacking Romney. American Crossroads, a super PAC supporting Romney, will not run its new anti-Obama ad in Colorado.

Romney will use a scheduled event in New Hampshire to address the shooting. Ann Romney is canceling her planned campaign events.

In Fort Myers, Fl., Obama held a moment of silence and spoke briefly on the tragedy. The president canceled a campaign event in Orlando, where he was planning to push back on Romney’s “You didn’t build that” attacks. Michelle Obama cancelled two events in Virginia.

Events “have changed the nature of his remarks this morning as well as the events of the day,” Psaki told reporters. “He feels this is the appropriate step on that front, and today we are focused on remembering the victims and finding out what happened.”