President Obama’s reelection campaign is out with three new ads as part of a $25 million swing state buy.

Earlier Obama campaign ads have been big-picture. These spots are more targeted. Two focus on the auto bailout and a third makes the case that the economy is improving.

“Brian,” airing in Ohio, features an autoworker who was laid off when the auto industry collapsed. “Obama stuck his neck out for us,” Brian Slagle says. “I’m driving in this morning because of that, because of him.”

“Succeed,” airing in Colorado, Florida, Iowa, Ohio and Virginia also focuses on the auto industry. But in this ad Obama is talking about the auto bailout. “The decision to intervene in the auto industry was not popular,” he says, “but I was convinced it was the right thing to do.”

“Reverse,” airing in Florida and Nevada, focuses on data showing the economy getting worse under President Bush and better under Obama. There’s no voiceover, just music playing over a job growth graphic from “Do we really want to reverse course now?” a title card asks.