U.S. Republican presidential candidate and former Massachusetts governor Mitt Romney gets a kiss from his wife, Ann, after she introduced him to speak to supporters at his Michigan primary night rally in Novi, Mich., on Tuesday. (MARK BLINCH/REUTERS)

First, the actual results:

* In Michigan, Romney took 41.1 percent and Santorum took 37.9 percent.

* In Arizona, Romney took 47.3 percent and Santorum took 26.6 percent.

Many of you predicted that Santorum would win Michigan — as Romney said last night, “A week ago, the pundits and the pollsters, they were ready to count us out.” No one predicted that Santorum would go on to claim a tie in the state.

The commenter who came the closest to the actual results was coelho4187, who correctly called both of Romney’s victories and was only 3.9 points off from the real returns with this prediction:

* In Michigan, Romney at 40 percent and Santorum 38 percent

* In Arizona, Romney at 47 percent and Santorum at 29 percent

Coelho4187, e-mail chris.cillizza@washingtonpost.com with your mailing address and preferred T-shirt size. Everyone else, better luck next time!