Former Minnesota governor Tim Pawlenty released a video Sunday previewing his announcement for president, which is set for Monday.

The video, titled “A Time for Truth,” aims to be the anti-campaign announcement, shunning the usual pomp and circumstance for a somber message that Pawlenty says is more important than balloons and idealistic speeches.

“The truth is, our country’s in big trouble,” Pawlenty says. “We have far too much debt, too much government spending, and too few jobs. We need a president who understands that our problems are deep and has the courage to face them. President Obama doesn’t; I do.”

Pawlenty confirms in the video that he is indeed running for president, though the official announcement awaits Monday in Iowa.

The theme of the ad — essentially, ‘I’m not flashy, but that’s not what we need right now’ — plays to Pawlenty’s strength as a candid but not terribly exciting candidate, and it sets in motion the kind of campaign he is expected to run in the months ahead. In the video, Pawlenty seeks to contrast his style with Obama, who is known for his strong speech-making ability.

It has been widely expected that Pawlenty would run for president, and Monday’s announcement has been known for several days now.

By putting out an announcement video late Sunday, though, Pawlenty assures that he will be part of the dialogue on Monday morning’s news.