On the same day he announced his plans to run for president, Texas Gov. Rick Perry (R) laid out a series of fundraising categories designed to encourage his donors to collect cash.

According to a strategy document obtained by The Washington Post’s Karen Tumulty, there are four levels in the Perry donor universe.

“Patriots” are tasked with collecting $500,000 and promised a co-chairmanship of Perry’s national finance committee and a “VIP Republican National Convention Package” that includes a hospitality suite and a VIP reception at the national party convention.

“Entrepreneurs,”who must raise $250,000, are promised membership on the national finance committee and “regular reports from campaign leadership.”

“Explorers” must raise $100,000 and are promised invitations to “special events at the Republican National Convention.”

And “Pilots” must bring in $50,000 and are invited to host committee receptions when events are held in their respective states.

Perry is widely expected to raise significant sums of money thanks to his base in Texas, a state heavy with Republican donors, and the connections he has made as chairman of the Republican Governors Association.

Despite waiting until Saturday to formally enter the presidential race, Perry received 718 votes in the Ames Straw Poll. Minnesota Rep. Michele Bachmann won the contest, with Texas Rep. Ron Paul finishing a close second.