Ever think to yourself “I know WAY more about politics than that Fix guy”? Who hasn’t! Well, now’s your chances to prove it.

Today the Post unveils its new 2012 endorsement game where you, gentle Fixista, are tasked with picking which presidential candidate the top 50 potential endorsers will ultimately back. (And, no, former vice president Dan Quayle, who is endorsing former Massachusetts governor Mitt Romney today in Arizona, didn’t crack the top 50.)

Once you make your picks, you can track your success rate as the various top 50 endorsers jump off the fence and pick a candidate. You can also compare your picks to the Fix’s picks and scoff at our misguidedness (or our remarkable insights).

And, while we’re talking endorsements make sure to check out our Fix Endorsement Hierarchy, which aims to tell you what endorsements matter — and why.